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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Green King Abbot Ale--Yummy

Went to see a good friend hammer out some wonderful notes on his ax in a quintet last night. Strange venue for this, which will go unsaid, but hey its a friend and it's good to revisit strange places.
But hey!!!! big surprise they had an awesome beer that I haven't seen on draft in over 5 years. The Green King Abbott Ale.
This is an extremely drinkable, creamy, smooth, giant headed ale, that will treat you better than guinness in terms of mouth appeal. "Abbot Ale is brewed with pale crystal and amber malts to give an attractive colour and rich malty taste. Challenger hops give it bitterness with a spicy overtone and to really boost the taste and aroma to the maximum it is late-hopped with Fuggles to provide the floral tones and fruity esters." All this makes for a truly traditional yet distinct English ale. As with many beers of this quality and origin, this is an old brand. The Green King dates back to 1799, when our fair country was just getting its start. An interesting slogan I remember seeing, was something like this...."Green King, War Shipped Since 1799". I love the emphasis on War, meaning this stuff was shipped all over the world as England used its navy to dominate the world. Hey, you would probably rather have good beer while conquering, rather than some crappy sludge. If you see it I recommend it.....

Also had my lovely lady try a Hitachino Sweet Stout, which was a fairly standard entry from and an exceptional brewery. I would recommend but it wasn't as impressive as I expected.



At 1:10 AM, Anonymous jeremy mcintyre said...

nice dr. i'll have to give that a try when i see it...cheers

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Dr. Beer Socks said...

Long time no see....

Where you be my friend?


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