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Friday, March 17, 2006

Bottling and Ephemere

Did my usual Thursday thing at the local watering hole. Mostly enjoyed the 2 hearted, but also had a taste of Unibroue's Ephemere. It's an apple infused ale, most likely of the abbey variety. Dare I say it might be an excellent dessert beer, well, the brewer does. Reminds me of Appfel, which is a german apple schnapps...mmmmm.
Unibroue is an awesome micro brewery from Quebec that produces some amazing beers. My first introduction was a beer called, "La Fin Du Monde", which for all you non french speakers, means the end of the world. They tend to produce Belgian inspired beers, but have put their own touches on them. The price point on these tend to be pretty good, a little less then a delirium and a little more then an Allagash. I give them a big thumbs up, and I would love to check out the brewery sometime.
Check them out
On a side note, well not really a side note since it relates to beer, but I digress...Bottled the oatmeal IPA on Tuesday. This is going to be a fucking great beer. Its got a bit of body from the oatmeal, but possess all the ingredients of a true IPA. Tons of hops, light malt, and complex grains. We got 24, 22 ounce bottles and 12, 12 ounce bottles. Going to let them ferment in bottles until it gets nice in Chicago. Who knows when that will happen?


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