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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Monster Trucks, Blatz and Fat Tire

Got together with a crew of folks to go to the monster truck show on Friday. I'd never been to a monster truck show before, so I didn't know what to expect. It was at the Allstate arena, which is by far the worst venue ever created. The seats will fit a five year old and that is about it. I also knew we would be drinking some kind of over priced extremely crappy beer, and sure enough we did. That's ok because we had a few before we left, and it was certain we would be catching a couple beers after the show.
Now my thoughts on the actual show...seemed like this may have been the b team, and in hind site I have a feeling there is more then one Monster truck show running around. Regardless of this there were some things that were rather impressive and some that were just plain entertaining, and some that were just plain sad. Lets see how about a list
-Monster Trucks are bad ass machines
-The Bob and Tom Truck was the loudest and was using a blower
-The Grave Digger is awesome
-Grave digger has a huge turbo, and I wonder if it comes off a big old detroit diesel or something, and that got me wondering if that is even possible. Either way you could hear the turbo whine as loud as the exhaust note coming out of the engine, it sounded really fucking cool.
-Monster trucks are kind of weak, the truck that won, basically was the only one that didn't break down. I figure the suspensions are so complex that it is real easy to break them, but you would think if your going to make a monster truck it should be bullet proof so you don't look like a jack ass always having to get it towed away, which is what happened.
-It was kind of cool to think that a bulldozer is way more monster then a monster truck, as the bulldozer came out and pulled all the broken trucks away. It was actually funny, at least to me, maybe not to the swarm of kids surrounding me.
-They had the saddest truck a saurus ever. I have to say, subjugator(sp?) would kick the crap out the truckasaurus. The poor thing looked embarrassed to come out and kill a tercel (exactly like the one my mom had when I was a kid). It was squeaking as it came out, and was basically limping to get to the car. I though for sure it would conk out and the bulldozer would be back proving its over powering dominance again. Poor thing was decorated to look like a dragon, but its accents such as wings and tail seemed to be made out of cardboard and they just sat there lifelessly flapping about. The big finally involved igniting a $3-$5 sparkler type float out of poor truckasaurus's mouth. "Wooooo here come the green sparks, holy crap now here comes he red, wow." I couldn't help but laugh at the poor contraption at the expense of my surrounding gang of kids and rednecks.
-Rednecks in Chicago, this was entertaining, where the hell do they come from. Sure enough the placed was packed with rednecks, of which you never see in chicago. I determined 2 things, either there is a tour similar to the dead which follows the trucks from town to town, or people actually made the trip from southern illinois and northern wisconson (the only places I figure rednecks live) to see the limping truckasaurus get shown up by the great bulldozer.
-To conclude, it was an awesome time, and all the better being there with 12 people saying exactly the same things, and being so excited everyone around us was scared.
Now on to a quick beer note, this is a beer blog after all.
After the show we went back to the to my favorite watering hole for beers and well, beers. Just got the fat tire in, and so we drank a few gallons of that. They distributing it in commerative first time east of the mississippi chicago 22 ounce bottles. Its pretty cool to drink and I kept all the bottles for bottling my beer this weekend. I also drank some blatz, which is a heileman product that is basically an old style. Then we drank shots and howled at the moon. When I got home the temperature was -2 degrees with out wind chill. Let me just say this, no matter how drunk you may think you are, 30 seconds of -2 and your sober again.
Well that about covers it, other then meeting hot chicks, watching 2 of them make out on the couch, and eating a bacon double cheeseburger from the diner grill at 5 am with an awesome friend.


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