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Monday, December 12, 2005

Thank You Pabst Blue Ribbon

Just got back from the Madison Santacon, which was a glorious time. Everyone that attended was in high spirits and we got to see some very neat parts of Madison. The kicker this year was that the event was sponsored by Pabst. The best part is all they did was give us money, we didn't even have any Pabst, and I don't recall any of the bars that we went to having Pabst available. Now that is my kind of advertising, give us money, then leave us alone. No posters, no coasters, no pamphlets, not even a bottle opener. Just cold hard cash, which covered the cost of our bus, driver, gifts, song books, and I think the death nog.
Let me say something about Pabst, hmmmm. I have a love hate relationship with pbr. I can drink it in mass quantities and not get too drunk, but that isn't actually a good thing, unless your in the desert or trying to impress the ladies with your beer drinking abilities. For this reason, I have really tried to stay away from the Pabst lately. However, I must say, I would put a Pabst over any other mass market beers based on quality and price.
Santacon....we started at a bar, went to a museum, went to a really cool sculpture garden called evermore, went to a performing arts center and performed, went to a bar, went to a bar, went to a bar, went to a bar. It was truly what this santa needed.


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Dr. Beer Socks said...

I picked up a 30 pack last night...


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