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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lakefront, wine, beer, repeat...

Had some friends over for dinner on Friday, and had another great friend from out of town for the whole weekend. We had a nice dinner and some wine, which is always a good thing to do on Friday night. My buddy brought over a couple six packs, 2 of which I think are worthy of a post. He brought a 6 pack of the lakefront cream city pale ale and a 6 pack of the Lakefront riverwest stein beer. I have had the pale ale before, but the steinbeer was a new and much appreciated experience. I think Lakefront is an often overlooked midwest brewery, and its a shame, cause they kick ass. I wanted to bring a keg down to synchro last year, but they couldn't get it in time so we settled for a 2 hearted (i know not to bad).
The cream city pale ale, is a much like a standard Wisconsin amber rather then an American craft IPA. To me this is a good thing, and like its name suggests its got a creamy texture to it. Amber in color, smooth in the hops, and yummmy in your tummy.
The riverwest stein beer, is a whole different story. The all malt beer, is rich from the start, yet beckons to be sloshed down your throat with much haste. This beer is all about the malt and this gives it a refreshing character, that is complex yet comfortably warm.
All of this and closing the local watering hole with 2 cases in hand made for an excellent evening. Cheers!!!!


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