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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale

Been catching a few of these at Quenchers lately, and have to say its a real treat. The harvest ale is produced by harvesting and using the hops in the same day. You can certainly tell this is the case, because this beer hits you with hops right from the start. After a half a beer or so, the flavor mellows to an almost tea like flavor. Mellow is probably not the exact term here, its settles down maybe? It has a deep amber hue to it, and fresh hoppy aroma. Sierra only distributes this beer in kegs, which I imagine encourages the fresh flavor of the beer. Fantastic!!!!
The harvest is an interesting time in nature. You are reaping the fruits of your labor, as the natural world around dies off for winter. Its certainly been a falling off harvest for me this year, and I appreciate drinking a beer with such a fresh yet complex flavor . A strong symbol for the direction my life has taken. As though I have harvested what I've been given, but now a dark lonely winter is looming. Probably the first time in my life I have felt this way. That my harvest is far less then expected. Its an amazing experience to go through tough transition, and one that can provide a huge level of incite about one self, and ones peers. I've really learned what it means to have friends, and what it means to have acquaintances. The latter being an easy growth, but poor harvest, the prior a long and labor intensive growth, but a lasting abundant harvest. Cheers to a happy and complex harvest, and cheers to Sierra for making such an appropriate beer.


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