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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kegs, not 1 but 12

They said it can't be done, they said there is no way we can do this project. You’re insane, there are to many variables, and how the hell will make it work. Its not like you can just bring x amount of kegs to something like this. I thought, hmmmm, I like beer and I hate garbage....
Sometimes you just have to put a little work, and some money and things just come together. The concept was to have unlimited beer, well, actually it was to get real drunk on ice cold beer.
We needed a way to keep all this beer cold. Much debate ensued, copper vs. stainless, 1 tap vs. 2 taps, homemade vs. premade, synchro pays vs. who pays. All this came to ahead when one brave soldier stepped up to the plate and purchased a brand new jockeybocks. It was tested in the hot humid environment of central Texas.
It now became clear that my vision of barrels and barrels of beer would come to fruition, but how much beer, and how much would it cost. I started doing some barstool math and identified some key factors. Rate of consumption (in our case high), Number of drinkers, Number of days, number of people per day. After consulting the bottom of several bottles, I came up with some numbers that would work. We needed 4o people to drink 12 kegs at a cost of $30 per person. This would allow us to drink a variety of beers, and would also allow us to drink as much beer as we want. The estimate also included an extra amount of beer for those that didn't purchase a share but would be drinking beer. Of course I should have factored in tax and the few non payers, which put my costs a little higher, but hey it was worth a little extra to see everyone get bombed time after time. They said it couldn't be done, but next thing they knew, they were all drunk and full of beer. The list of beers was a who's who of American craft beers...Bells, Pabst, New Glarus, Sprecher, Abbita, Goose Island....all served ice cold, and at the very end we learned how to regulate the pressure in the CO2 tank to avoid foam.
All this great beer came with a price...not just financial, beeeeeeeesssssszzzzzz!!!!! Ohhh they were attracted to the luscious taste of stale beer, and they also liked the candy necklace someone left on the bar, so much that they were willing to sting anyone that came near. All in all we only drank 10 of 12 kegs, but it is better to have more then less, especially when you’re surrounded by dry counties.
All in all it was well worth all the effort to make all this beer happen, I could have done without the bee sting. Would I do it again? Maybe


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Dr. Beer Socks said...

I like the part where the bee wearing the candy necklace drank a keg of pabst and then stumbled into shoebox, a riot insued, and there was bee stings and beer everywhere.

At 8:13 PM, Anonymous meow!mix said...

hey i said that not you


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