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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Icehouse with the neighbor

I was hanging out on my porch the other night having a few beers with my neighbor. He brought over some icehouse, which I haven't had since I was in college. I have to say; in my opinion this beer is crap. It’s basically a marketing ploy that has absolutely no merit, but hey its cheap, and I didn't have any beer at the time. Beggars can't be choosers.
I hang out with my neighbor quite a bit; generally we sit on my stoop late at night drink beers, and heckle the club going cokeheads that pass by. He's married with 2 kids, so I think he really enjoys getting out of the house, and I have to say I really enjoy his company. The total package as a good dad, and a true asset to society.
The other night we were talking about work, etc. and he tells me a story about something that happened to him at work. He's been at the same job for more then couple years, and has been promoted heavily. He literally started from the bottom and has worked his way up. (He's Mexican by the way). So a new guy(whitey) starts working at his shop. This guy immediately assumes my neighbor must work underneath him. Imagine his surprise when he learns that my neighbor is in fact his boss. Now a lot of people would get pissed about the total lack of respect, and general racist behavior exhibited in this situation, but my neighbor just laughed it off, and told the guy to get to work. Then he took it a step further and bought everyone pizza for lunch, including his new asshole worker. Totally a cool guy. considered to be an upmarket shit beer. Meaning they market the beer likes it’s a higher end product, but it’s really a poor in terms of quality. Its sister beer is "Red Dog" and both are under the plank road label, which of course is a miller product. Interestingly enough, the plank road brewery was started by Pabst's very own Charles Best in 1850, but was soon bought by miller in 1853. Thus its one of the original Miller products and is actually the beginning of the miller empire. I give icehouse a 1 out of 5 meaning I only drink it with no alternatives present.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Dr. Beer Socks said...

I guess to be consistent my rating should be a 1 out of 10

At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Meow!mix said...

i would never drink it either.


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