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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oranjeboom in the big boom boom can

Let me start out by saying, I have started to get a method behind the development of this blog. What the hell does blog stand for anyway? I will try to update as close to daily as possible, but will also only write an entry as it relates to beer. It can be a specific beer, like today, or it may just be a situation involving beer. I'm going to try and refrain from mentioning specific names, but I make now guarantees. Now on with the beer.

Oranjeboom was originally a Dutch beer, which was brewed in Rotterdam. It was bought out at some point by interbrew. In doing some research, it seems that the brewery doesn't actually exist anymore, as it was demolished in 2003. Kind of strange, since I just had one last night, more on that later. It is considered to be a cheap supermarket beer, kind of like the pabst of the Netherlands and England (interbrew is English). I first tried oranjeboom in the black rock desert. It comes in a 16oz. can and is best when ice cold. I have to say, this is an extremely refreshing beer, and is an especially good desert beer. When its 110 you have to drink something constantly, I usually just drink beer, and its nice to grab a tall boy out of the cooler a get "hydrated".

After discovering oranjeboom in the desert, I soon realized it was for sale at the Trader Joes in Pasadena, right by my brother's house. 3.99 for a 6 pack of tall boys, now that is a killer deal. Back home in Chicago it's 4.99 still a good deal. I would take an oranjeboom over a Heineken any day. Not only is it a true Dutch pils, it is cheap as balls. Most people in the states don't realize that the Heineken we drink is nothing like the Heineken in the Netherlands. In fact it’s brewed in Canada....If we've learned anything it’s that Canadians only drink malt liquor, and they hate Americans. The way I see it, if you drink Heineken, you are really just drinking over priced Canadian piss and spit. I'll take my oranjeboom thanks; at least it doesn't even exist....

So I went out for cheeseburgers and beers with a few friends. We went to this overly pretensions bar in Logan square, that used to be a real cool place to chill. Hey they had $4 burgers, which were very tasty, and the beers were good. Once we finished we went back to my friends' place and sat outside to have beers. What did we have, none other then oranjeboom. A fantastic evening and fantastic beers. I give orajeboom a 7.5 out of 10 (still need some sort of wacky rating scale, any suggestions greatly appreciated). We discussed all the usual things, the environment was great...slight rain and we were surrounded by 10ft sunflowers. I'm in a really strange chapter in my life, and its real nice to have great friends to distract me, and more so, to be here in life with. Can't imagine life with out so many great people surrounding me. Cheers!!!!!


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