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Friday, March 31, 2006

Three beers and the first stooping of the season

Ok....on a whim the other day I bought a 12 pack of labatts blue. I haven't had a labatts in a long time, and it hasn't changed. This is a respectable mass market beer from are pals up North. Labatts actually brews a lot of beers for U.S. consumption (stella and becks to name a few) as they are part of a large beer conglomerate Interbrew. Growing up in upstate new york, this was one of my beers of choice through highschool. Much better then a miller, bud, or coors and usually a little less in terms of price. I would say its good in the same light as I say schlitz is good or pabst is good. It was a beautiful day in Chicago yesterday and I got hang out on my stoop and have a few. Environment is really important when consuming ice cold beer. Sitting on a stoop in a t-shirt listening to tunes and watching dog wrestling is an ideal environment, an thus the labatts was acting particularly tasty.
Next on the update on the leftover oatmeal ipa. We cracked the first bottles on Tuesday after 14 days of bottle fermentation. As young as they are, they are fucking great. This is the best beer I have produced by far, and will continue to get better. The oatmeal really gives it a lot of body, the hops are subtle but awesome. There not in your face, but you know their at the party for sure. mmmmmm I recommend coming by to tip a few. Thinking of brewing this weekend, and starting to lay plans to make a bock. Speaking of bock...
I did some research last night at the local watering hole. I tried the pictured beer, Einbecher Mai Ur-Bock. Oh my, where to start. I love Mai Bock, the woman I marry will taste like mai bock, my spawn will look and smell like mai bock, I want to retire on deserted island with a spring fed source of mai bock. This stuff is all that and then some. Smooth as it can get, malty sweetness that is pleasant but not over powering in the least. They go down far to quick and next thing you know your stumbling home. These guys were the originators of bock beer and it shows in this wonderful testament to german brewing. Check out there history for more information. Its an excellent site with an awesome glossary of beer terms.
Einbecker site

Finally, I have been watching this over and over all week and think you should to. Get sblounkched
I love strong bad, but this is just too much. "I'm talking to you baby ruth"


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