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Monday, October 08, 2007

OktoberFest, Bells, Burningman, Detroit.....

Well then, this subject is sure to entertain...
Let's start at the top. I moved in with my beautiful sweetheart, and absolutely love my new home and wonderful neighborhood. The move was pretty much an insane trip through the barrels of hell, but at the end a light was found. Due to the extreme nature of the situation, I was required to try many beers. This brings us to the first part of our wonderful beer blog entry for today. Oktoberfest beers................................mmmmmmmmm.........delicious!!!!!!!
(I'm just going to list and rate plus a comment or two) for a little history and info of Oktoberfest click here

Lefthand-Awesome, simply awesome (made new home official)
Point-Surprisingly one of the best and certainly the cheapest (packing)
Paulaner-Standard German entry-good but nothing outlandish (cleaning my old place and hanging with my old neighbor)
Spaten-At the local watering hole, on draft, always great (after more cleaning)
Ayinger-The best Germany has to to offer (Right before chicago decomp with one of my best friends-later I met my new neighbors, I hope they aren't to scared of me as we got entirly smashed on this particular day/night)
Sam Adams-Really Good (While moving)
HaufBrau-Fairly mediocre German entry (don't recall)

I think there were a few more, but none that jump out. I have to say, aside from Mai Bock season, Oktoberfest is one of my favorite beer styles. I once read that the Oktoberfest is just an aged Maibock, but I can't find the article. Bug me and I will try to find it.

Ok moving on....
We had an amazing Burningman decompression in Chicago. This has to be one of the best events we have ever done locally. There isn't to much beer relation, because I rangered the whole time, and thus I stayed sober. I did drink 2 or 3 pbr's towards the end, but that doesn't really count. The important thing is that Chicago is really starting to come together as a burningman community, and I'm tickled to be a part of it.

I was so happy from the Chicago decomp that I decided to head up to the Detroit version the following weekend (this past weekend to give you some perspective EDIT:this was now a few weeks ago).
Great time, great crew, and a beautiful piece of land. I camped in the middle of a clearing out in the woods, and in the morning I was woken by a couple wild turkey's clucking away. Since we were in Michigan is was all about Bell's for me. I drank 2 hearted, Oberon, Amber, and Pale Ale all of which were delicious. Also picked up a bottle of Anderson Valley Double, and Anderson Valley Triple, which were crazy delicious. Got to love those boontling beers.


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