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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm a jerk, a lazy jerk, but I still love beer

Maybe, just maybe I will get back into updating this thing a bit more frequently. Here is a quick snidbit. Is that word?

My life=Very good, staying in our house for at least another year, which is great. This neighborhood rocks, and the house is unbeatable, and I don't have a subprime mortgage. Got a new dog and he is awesome. Such a neglected little guy, and boy does he enjoy the love he gets here. Pretty much follows me everywhere and doesn't really exhibit any bad behavior. A real charmer like his brother. He is a pitbull of course, and I'm convinced I will be rescuing pit bulls for the rest of my life. They are such awesome, loyal, funny, and smart dogs. Don't like putbulls becasue you have read some article about how they are genetically predisposed to kill, then you are fox news media lover. Humans may have such predispositions, but these guys are lovers through and through. Their loyalty is their undoing, they will do anything for their pack, no matter how negative that pack may be.

Redhook ESB-Old fav, long forgoten, recently rediscovered as a great value and nice modest beer, very drinkable.
Victory Fest Beer- Fuck Yeah!!! They had this at the local watering hole for a couple weeks on draft. Delicious Oktoberfest, everything I like in a marzen style. Malty goodness.
Bells-It's back
New Holland Sun Dog (keg)-Great little amber. Not too much, not too little. Perfect for an afternoon or early evening while camping with friends. Not nearly as good in a bottle.

More later


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