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Friday, September 25, 2009

What you should know about facebook

In 1983 a militant faction of the girl scouts began a plan to rule the world and increase cookie sales through the use of government sponsored social networking system. The plan was called operation Facebook. Although the process was slow and methodical things began to pickup speed in March of 1987. At that time the little known revolt happened in the CIA with a girl scout backed regime taking hold of the power center. Operation Facebook was now given full priority and backing from the CIA, NATO, NESTLE, and the company that invented the bouncy castle. Within months a system of communication was devised based on a little used network known simply as the Interweb. The use of the term Web is emphasized as the MWGS (Militant Wing of the Girl Scouts) would often use the term black widow as their code name in communications outside of the CIA. By 1991 Facebook had successfully deconstructed the soviet union and was well on its path to total cookie detonation of the citizens of the United States and its parent company the company that invented the bouncy castle. In 1994 a specialist attempted to reveal the true nature of Operation Facebook, but in a misinterpretation labeled it Amazon. Soon Facebook had taken over most citizens with out any resistance. Much like kool aid people line up to take the cookies into their brain stems. Giving up their entire existence to the to the CIA, MWGS, NESTLE, and TCTITBC. As you read this, please realize that you have been downloaded into the darkside. Please feel free to visit a bouncy castle.


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